about us

Our roots in the scrap metal business date back to the 1960s when our family began a small scrap yard in Southern Colorado. In 1981, we expanded with the founding of American Iron & Metal in Pueblo, CO. We have since grown steadily with expansions throughout Southern Colorado and New Mexico while remaining a small, family business at our core.

With the help of our valued suppliers, customers, and employees, we have expanded our third generation scrap business to six locations throughout Colorado and New Mexico and into a regional leader in our industry. Accordingly, we are committed to excellence in serving our suppliers, customers, employees, and the environment. We strive to make selling and recycling scrap metal as fast, easy, and profitable as possible for our suppliers. We are equally focused on providing quality products and timely delivery to our customers. Most importantly, we are committed to recycling safely and soundly for our employees and the environment.