metal theft prevention services

American Iron & Metal is committed to combating and helping prevent metal theft. We go above and beyond our local scrap metal purchasing and acceptance laws to help curb metal theft. We require and maintain the following information from all sellers of scrap metal:

  • Valid, U.S., photo IDs
  • Current addresses
  • Delivery vehicle information including license plate numbers
  • Photographs of the material being sold
  • Signed affidavits of ownership or entitlement to sell
  • Photographs of sellers on certain transactions and
  • Additional documentation of ownership or entitlement to sell on certain materials such as public utilty, proprietary, and heavy industrial material.

We train all of our employees on how to recognize, handle, report, and reject suspicious material. We also subscribe to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries' (ISRI's) Scrap Theft Alert system where metal thefts can be reported. We then receive alerts on any reported thefts within our region and know what to look out for. Further, we created and maintain, which is an informational based website with helpful tips on how to help combat, prevent, and reduce the risk of metal theft. also offers a convenient link to ISRI's Scrap Theft Alert system.